About Us

We are a non-profit association incorporated by and for women. We support and empower young Dominican women with limited resources to reach their potential. We believe in the development and growth of society with the active and preponderant participation of women with training and values, capable of positively impacting their family nucleus, the community they belong to and Dominican society in general.

We promote gender equality backed by a comprehensive training plan for Dominican women with limited resources and little possibility of labor and participatory insertion in our society.

Our work includes family planning, professional technical training and the reinforcement of women’s values as an indispensable member of a society in which they know how to defend their integrity, their participatory capacity, equal opportunities, their rights. And be able to break every paradigm and false stereotype that relegate it to a secondary role.


Empower young Dominican women to determine their own future and become self-sufficient through the development of initiatives that increases access to family planning, professional training, placement, and support services. Ensuring a sustainable future with a ripple effect in Dominican society.


FEM Dominicana envisions a future where all Dominican women have equal tools to control their futures. When we empower young women, we invest in changing not only individuals, but also a family, a community and an entire generation, while helping to break the cycle of poverty.

We carry out our Objective with three Es that are integral components of our program: Education, Empowerment, and Equality.


Awareness and Support Services

  • Create awareness about the currently unconfronted challenges that affect Dominican women.
  • Develop initiatives that increase access to family planning, professional training, placement, and support services.


Mentorship and Leadership

  • Amplify the call of action and promote and strengthen initiatives that empower underprivileged women to become self- sufficient.
  • Increase female leadership and the empowerment of women within their communities.


Access and bridge-building

  • Bring equality and provide access to the right tools that improve women’s control over their own futures. Level the playing field regarding access to such tools in communities where this is lacking.
  • Create a platform that facilitates aid and the involvement of empowered individuals.

Our Team


Lucía Bautista
Priscila Nicolas
Miguel Nesrala
Gary Mejía
Ulises Borrell
Lorena Cabrera Bruga
Ana Virginia García
Patricia Jimenez